“All countries face same challenges, but some simply tackle them” – Green MP

clean energy wire


The global community is closely watching Germany’s lagging domestic climate action, which certainly does not help the country’s credibility in international negotiations, says Lisa Badum, climate policy spokesperson of the Greens‘ group in the German federal parliament. Clean Energy Wire spoke with Badum at the sidelines of the UN climate change conference COP24 in Katowice, Poland. According to the politician, the yellow-vest protests in France should not be used as a pretext to avoid a German debate on CO₂ pricing, as the situation in both countries is very different.


Clean Energy Wire: You are a member of the Bundestag, but not of the government. What is your role here at the climate conference?


Lisa Badum: Climate protection is not only a task for the government, but also one in which parliamentarians should participate. On the one hand, we are here to control the government and comment on what is happening. How do we, the opposition, see what is being announced here by the federal government? Parliamentary control is important – also at this conference.

On the other hand, we want to send a signal to the country representatives and NGOs here at the COP that there is not only the opinion of the federal government, but also that of parliamentarians who are working on the issue. We have other messages and possibilities to move things forward – especially at a time when Germany is going to the COP with a rather disastrous domestic climate balance.
It would have been important for other states that are also working on structural economic change had Germany arrived at the COP with a result in the coal commission. The Canadians told us that the Powering Past Coal Alliance would have been pleased if Germany had been ready to participate during this COP. For them and others it’s good to know that they have allies in us. […]